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 Campbody provides personal attention, professional instruction, and custom tailored exercise programs for each member.  We maximize health, fitness, and wellness goals while providing the highest level of customer service. 


Weight and resistance training methods designed to reshape your body composition, lose weight, increase lean muscle, tone your body while burning fat.

- 2  or 2 x per week, 60 min session  

-Plus 1 x per week remote training session (workout and/or cardio routine) 

-Stretching -Nutritional guidance -Fitness assessment-

Bikini Body Fit

This program is custom tailored with a fat shedding and muscle toning meal plan. Specific training for increased muscle tone, body definition, and meal plan for a lean tight look. A program designed to work on needed and/or specific areas of weight training designed to get you ready for a fitness competition, photo shoot, and achieve a lean and athletic body

- 3 x per week, 60 min sessions 

- 4 cardio workout routines

- Ongoing assessment

- Stretch 

- Rotational meal plan

- Ongoing nutritional and supplement advice

Intense Express Fitness  -Full body workouts packed with a punch (Caters to busy professionals) 

- 2 x per week, 30 min session 

- 1 x per week remote training (workout or cardio routine )

-21 Day Meal Plan

-1 Assessment

Campbody Stretch Class

-30 min Class focusing on flexibility, core strength and full body stretch

We offer 6, 8, or 12 session packages. Receive 10% off services when pre-purchased. Single session rate is $60

We are home to the most knowledgeable personal trainers all with a great attitude and the desire to help you feel and look your best. We are the perfect place for all you health and fitness needs and provide the personal attention you deserve. 

Detox Juice 3 Day Cleanse Available 
Exercise Workshops for Beginners 

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