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Standard Training Rates 
*Single Session $65     *6 Sessions $380  *10 Sessions $640  *12 Sessions $765  *24 Sessions $1545

Accelerated Fitness Program- Advanced program to increase lean muscle tone utilizing weight and resistance training methods that will reshape body composition and retain muscle while burning fat.

-12-week program, 2 x per week, 60 min session  

-Plus 1 x per week remote training session (workout and/or cardio routine (10 Total)

-Warm Up & Stretching -Nutritional consultation -2 Progress Assessments

Bikini & Photo Shoot Prep- Learn the tricks of the trade. This program is custom tailored with a fat shedding and muscle toning meal plan. Target training for muscle tone, stage appearance, posing and exact meal plan for lean look and depletion. Program designed to work on needed and/or specific areas of weight training designed to get you ready for competition and photo shoots.

-12 week program, 3 x per week, 60 min sessions (36 Total)

-Rotational meal plan and ongoing nutritional and supplemental consultation throughout program

-4, 30 min, stage appearance and posing classes

- Warm up and Stretching 

-Coaching on day of competition- Accountability and Motivation 

Intense Express Fitness Program- 30 Minute Sessions for the busy professional, Full body workouts with a punch.

-8 week program, 2 x per week, 30 min session (16 Total)

-Plus 1 x per week remote training (workout or cardio routine (8 Total)

-21 Day Meal Plan

-2 Assessments

Specialty Training Booty & Legs -My absolute favorite program! Special weight training focused on lower body to lift, reshape and tone your booty and legs.

"Gym Intro” Workshop
- 1 day workshop $250  (3hr)- Available on Saturday
- Learn how to use gym equipment
- Proper Form on Various Training Methods
- Create your own workout( Combination for desired Goals)
- Nutrition and supplemental guidance to Jump start your metabolism


- A high-intensity weight lifting session can burn up to 500 calories per hour. Weight lifting has also been scientifically proven to boost BMR (basal metabolic rate) for up to 24 hours post-workout. 
- Prevent Metabolic Decline
- Weight lifting can reverse the natural decline in your metabolism, which begins around age 30. Keeping your metabolism elevated for as long as possible will help you stay in optimum shape and feeling young and alive as you age
- Bone Strength & Density
- Weight training does more than strengthen and build your muscles, it also strengthens your bones. Regular weight lifting increases bone density, which reduces the risk of fracture and osteoporosis.
- Lowers Blood Pressure and helps ward of Diseases
- Helps reduce coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other heart conditions, it also maintains healthy circulation and increases your chance to live a longer healthier life.
- Relieve Stress & Release Good Endorphins
- Look Younger & Feel Confident
- A healthy body is a young fit body you can be proud of. Nothing boosts self-confidence like a body you worked hard for and psyched to show off . The only way to accomplish this is through healthy eating habits, weight and cardiovascular training.
- Accountability & Motivation
- When you exercise on your own there’s no one to hold you accountable for you actions. It is easier to skip a session, not put forth the work you would with a coach,  create a workout free of injury and with your specific goals in mind or you may lose interest completely. When you work with a trainer, it keeps you accountable and motivated, making it more likely you’ll stick with your exercise program.
- Variety in training techniques
- A personal trainer teaches you a variety of exercise methods to keep your body challenged and away from plateau. If a certain training method is not working for you, a trainer can adjust your program to a more suitable fitness plan within your physical abilities
- Proper nutrition and efficiency
- Maximize your training program with helpful suggestions on nutrition and supplements to ensure your time and effort are not in vein.