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Since 2007, Campbody Fitness has helped hundreds reach their fitness goals. We treat each client as an individual and create exercise and nutritional programs. An initial consultation will be where your Personal Trainer will ask about your goals, previous/current injuries, lifestyle and eating habits. No one has the same goal or fitness level, therefore no one should have the same training program.  Our specialty is in weight loss, strength training and full body transformations as well as medical challenges and conditions. We will keep you focused and committed with intense fat burning workouts that guarantee results.

Workshops, fitness expos, and continued education is how I expand my knowledge and stay up to date with the latest news in the health and fitness industry.  

I enjoy new projects, setting goals and overcoming challenges. Challenges help us evolve, and promotes personal development and growth within ourselves.

Certified Personal Trainer - Weight loss and Maintenance/ Strength Training/ Resistance Training/ High Intensity/ Low Impact Training/ Stretch / Balance/ Flexibility.