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Hi, thanks for checking out my website. My name is Elle, I am the founder of Campbody fitness.  I myself struggled with weight, bulimia and low self esteem.   I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin, had very little energy, and definitely was not happy. My journey all started when I decided to enter a fitness competition back in 2007,  I placed 2nd in two competitions, then decided it was an amazing experience, It definitely taught me mental strength, discipline and self confidence both physically and mental. I'm just not really the limelight type and I wanted to do more, but kinda behind the scenes. I knew exactly at that moment I wanted to become a coach, a personal trainer to help guide people also accomplish the body of their dreams., so in sharing my journey,  I hope to inspire others to want to make a change for themselves. To live a healthier, more productive life and add longevity to their retirement years. Age strong and gracefully and for an overall improved version of themselves. More importantly, that it is possible, no matter the age.

Looking back, its been 15 years since I earned my personal trainer certification. And I continue to lift weights, stay active and promote health and wellness. My high energy custom tailored programs are easy to follow and available for every fitness level from beginner to athlete. I will keep you accountable and keep you challenged with every workout. For change and to prevent plateau the best workouts are mixed up into various modalities of exercise and training methods.    

I hope I can help you get started. Feel better, feel stronger.  Make a change today!

Workshops, fitness expos, and continued education is how I expand my knowledge and stay up to date with the latest news in the health and fitness industry.  

I enjoy new projects, setting goals and overcoming challenges. Challenges help us evolve, and promotes personal development and growth within ourselves.

15 years experience in the fitness industry. Certified by IFA and ACE in Personal Trainer, Weight loss and Maintenance, Strength,  Resistance, High Intensity/Low Impact Training and Stretch & Flexibility.