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In a nutshell...

For 8 years I was involved in a physical and very emotionally abusive relationship, ultimately, fitness was my way out.

My son was almost 6 years old and I couldn't continue to allow him to see the abuse his father would impose on me while simultaneously, mentally abusing him.  I was weak, I was scared, and in pain.  I am not sure what happened to me, but one day, I just had enough.So I planned my escape, got out and finally succeeded. I tried leaving many times before but all my previous attempts ultimately failed. This time I felt different, I was determined and I was not afraid anymore, I was angry. Nothing could be worse than the hell we were living in.  I struggled... some nights we had nowhere to sleep and not much to eat. I kept telling myself  "you have to make it"  There is no other option. I had some tough times as a teen. I struggled with bulimia and hung out with a not so good circle of friends, to say the least. Back then sports and family had saved me, but now I was alone and a mother  I "had" to take care of my son. I was also dealing with the loss of my mother who had suddenly passed away. Needless to say I was in a very dark place.

Fast forward, long story short..  By the grace of God I stayed strong and focused on surviving. I found some work and joined a gym. I’d go everyday, sometimes twice a day, it was my sanity. I was running, then lifting weights. I felt happier, stronger, a bit more confident and most importantly,  I felt alive. I continued to do more and learn more about fitness. I even entered a few competitions. The mental strength I gained was huge. I felt so passionate about what I was doing, I had a purpose and this was a way for me to help others. I wanted to be a personal trainer... not just a trainer a mentor. I wanted to help people overcome challenges, not only in fitness also in life. 

By working through obstacles and taking control of my life my future became brighter.  I bring knowledge and experience from an entire career devoted to improving the health and fitness of others.  I am passionate and believe anything is possible if you genuinely want change.

My vibrant and optimistic personality allow me to connect with people of all walks. I wish to positively impact the lives of people through mental strength, health and fitness.  

I was born in Miami, 1972. Speak English and Spanish