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Let me introduce myself. My name is Elle (E-Lee). I'm a Miami girl, was born and raised here. I'm bilingual and love working out, the outdoors and I'm very optimistic. I've been in the fitness industry for a long time and have had my share of struggles with weight and bulimia.  

It all began when I was a teen. I was always chubby and struggled with losing weight. It didn't help either that my aunt was the manager of a farm store so she would always come by with ice cream, doughnuts, potato chips candy bars, etc., you name it I ate it.

I started to become self-conscious about my weight and began to lack confidence in myself which in turn led to inactivity. So about a year before my sweet 16, I made a commitment to myself, I was determined to lose the weight before my birthday, and so I began to run. Soon after I joined the track and field team at my middle school, and soon after that I began using the school gym and signed up for the weight training class.

I continued running, weightlifting and attended fitness classes. I read books on health, exercise, and nutrition. I was able to maintain a lifestyle, not a diet. Then, in 1995, I became pregnant and indulged a bit too much. I gained nearly 70lbs, I was discharged at 167lbs from the hospital. I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin, had very little energy, and definitely did not feel like my active self. So once cleared by dr, I hired a personal trainer who trained, taught and motivated me to pursue my goal to get in shape for a fitness competition. I placed 2nd in two competitions and knew at that moment I wanted to be a personal trainer and help people accomplish the body of their dreams. In sharing my struggle and my journey I hope to inspire others to want to make a change for the better and know that YES, it is possible to have the body of your dreams. You must be committed and it is hard work, but the rewards far exceed your efforts.

Almost 15 years of being a certified fitness coach and  I still enjoy lifting weights and staying active. I encourage all my clients and motivate them to accomplish the same. My energy and workouts will change the way you think about fitness and challenge your body while strengthening your mind. My mindset is always on "anything is possible" as long as you want it bad enough determination is turned up!

I like to incorporate various forms of exercise modalities to ensure no plateau, stay challenged, and create the best possible well-rounded fitness program available.

Workshops, Fitness Expos, & continued education is how I expand my knowledge and keep up with the latest news in the health and fitness industry.  

I enjoy new projects, setting goals and overcoming challenges. Challenges help us evolve, grow and require us to make a change, that is the only way to continue to evolve and promote growth within ourselves.

15 years experience in the fitness industry. Certified by IFA and ACE in Weight loss and Maintenance, Strength,  Resistance, High Intensity/Low Impact Training, Stretching & Flexibility.